Sama SPREAD – What’s in a Name?

As we continue to grow and expand this year, our customers have been asking: 1) Why did we add ‘Sama’ to our name? 2) Did the product change? Let’s start with the first question. We wanted to tweak our name to help distinguish it from other spreadable products and to...

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Milk Myth Debunked

Health Benefits to Steering Clear of Dairy Products A closer look at dairy products can be summed up in five words: Don’t cry over spilled milk. If you grew up in the United States, chances are you were sold the myth that dairy products, or foods made from mammal...

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First Annual Triangle Vegfest a Huge Success

Last Sunday, SPREAD was humbled to participate in the first annual Triangle Vegfest among the finest local farmers, health food producers, and animal rights activists. The kid- and pet-friendly (there was even a “doggie” daycare!) community event garnered an epic...

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